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We  Breather Plug Manufacturer in India offer Industrial Breather Plug which is also known as Desiccant Breather. Almost all industries face the problem of lubricant contamination which leads to machine failure. The most significant cause of lubricant contamination is the Air and the impurities and moisture which it contains. There are many causes which let air enter into the system such as in gearboxes, pumps and reservoirs need to breath when the air expands, the incoming fluid also displaces air, when hydraulic components activate air enters. This entered air carry out moisture and debris along with which cause contamination of the lubricant.


The synthetic fiber filter embedded with the Industrial Breather, traps the larger particles from the air, whereas different user takes incoming air and force it through silica to absorb the moisture from the air. Meanwhile, air undergoes the carbon which removes anything remained in the filtration.

If the air carries out moisture, the water into air cause oil contamination leads to corrosion and rust of the internal parts. Industrial Breather Plug is used to prevent hazards into the industrial machinery parts, attached at the enclosure. The Industrial Breather Plug also known as Desiccant Breather absorbs moisture and other impurities from the penetrating air, which prevents lubricant contamination and abreast prevents corrosion of the internal parts which extends the life lubricant as well as equipments.

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