We Breather Plug Manufacturer in India introduce Breather Plug to solve your condensation problem. Generally, drain fittings are installed at the bottom of the enclosures to solve an issue of consolidation. Breather Plug is also used for the same, but it is installed at the top of the enclosure, permits water vapor to escape which reduces the amount of condensation within the enclosure interior.

We offer a wide range of the durable, maintenance free and highly efficient Breather Plug options which comprises Air Breather PlugDrain Breather Plug, Industrial Breather Plug, Tank Breather Adaptor and Tank Filler Breather. We offer all types of Breather Plugs with conductive and non conductive thread to prevent seizing and galling.

Note: To get the complete kit of the Breather Plug or any assistance, contact us today.

Breather Plug, Suction Strainer in Chile
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