We Suction Strainer Manufacturer in India introduce Industrial Suction Strainer, which is designed for installation of suction lines for the pumps. A bypass valve is used with Industrial Suction Strainer to reduce the high pressure drop caused by contamination, plugged elements or high viscosity fluid during cold starting of the system.

Industrial Suction Strainer is available in stainless steel (140 micron) embedded with carbon steel porting head, steel perforated center core and zinc plated end cap. This strainer can withstand up to 121 C temperatures. Widely used with pipeline for oil, water, L.P.G, FO, HSD, N2 and serves boilers, cooling towers, turbines, R.O Plants, cooling tower, fuel system, swimming pools, pumps, engines, etc.

Note: To get the complete kit of the Industrial Suction Strainer or any assistance, contact us today.

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