We Suction Strainer Manufacturer in India introduce you Magnetic Suction Strainer, which is used for dual protection to the pump inlet without any risk of cavitations. The large ceramic magnets are placed along the length of Magnetic Suction Strainer. When the hydraulic fluid enters into the pump it must move at low speed so as the magnetic field can trap large quantity of ferrous particles.

The pleated stainless steel screen (560 μm) used to filter the larger particles from the fluid. In addition, the open part of the stainless steel mesh screen eliminates the possibility of cavitations of the pump. Magnetic Suction Strainers available from 1 to 3 inch, for the flow of 15 gpm to 100 gpm.

Note: To get the complete kit of the Magnetic Suction Strainer or any assistance, contact us today.

Magnetic Suction Strainer
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