We Oil Level Indicator Manufacturer in India introduce Aluminum Knob Type Oil Level Indicator, which is best fitted where only a single tapping is demanded. This Knob Type Oil Level Indicator includes the star type reflector cum indicator behind the glass window to offer better visibility of oil or liquid fluid level. We offer extremely durable Knob Type Indicator, which has high resistance to grease, oil, acid, solvents, alkaline. In addition, prevents from alcohol and detergents which contains alcohol.

The NBR synthetic rubber packing ring along with an Aluminum Knob Type Oil Indicator withstand up to 110 C temperatures at normal pressure. Available in different sizes form ½” to 3” which is best fitted for gear-bores, machine tools and hydraulic machines made of Aluminum. Widely used in Lubrication, cutting oil, cooling fluid tanks, hydraulic system reservoir, etc.

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