We Oil Level Indicator Manufacturer in India introduce you Oil Level Indicators those are used in various industries for evaluating the oil level of the respected utensils such as large tanks, reservoirs, gearboxes, etc. Before the installation of the Oil Level Indicator ensures that fluid is clear and do not have any contamination. It is renowned in industries for monitoring oil level, which is made of acrylic tube with ½” NPT threads carved at each end.

The Oil Level Indicator tube comprises two colored rings which present upper and lower limit of different colors. Basically red and green colors are used for signifying upper and lower limits of the Oil Level Indicators. Oil Level Indicators also can be installed as the closed loop, in which ½” NPT used as a connector port to feed back into the system. Because of the transparent body in contrast to conventional solid body the operator can monitor the system and prevent dirt and debris by taking a suitable action. Available in Aluminum, Acrylic, Brass, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel material.

oil-level-indicators, Return In Line Filter


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