We Breather Plug Manufacturer in India introduce Air Breather Plug used where impurity removal from the air is demanded. Air Breathers absorb water contain from the air before it penetrates into fluid system and remove smallest contaminants up to 2 microns. It is made of steel and brass, which offers sturdy and maintenance free Air Breather.

Air Breather Plug is widely used in gear-bores, bearing housing, hydraulic system, liquid storage tank to prevent any hazard. We offer various sized of the Air Breather Plug to serve the best among all the industries. It is recommended to use more than one Air Breather when the limit exceeds. When the Gold colored silica gel converts into dark green, it indicates air breather becomes useless. Change the air breather when required to maintain the sanitation of the fluid reservoir.

Note: To get the complete kit of the Air Breather Plug or any assistance, contact us today.

Air Breather Plug, Hydraulic Tank Mounted Strainer in Surat, Hyderabad
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