We Breather Plug Manufacturer in India introduce Drain Breather Plug used where a temperature fluctuation causes formation of condensation and moisture. Drain Breather Plugs are used in threaded as well as non threaded entry hole installed from the outside of the enclosure, which permits air within an enclosure to breath with the surroundings of the plug which reduce the condensation into the enclosure. To get the best output install Drain Breather Plug maximum lowest point of the enclosure.

Drain Breather Plugs are installed in hazardous area provide safety to the surrounding. The Drain Breather Plug is embedded with the ‘O’ ring to cover plug against the enclosure face. The plug can withstand between -50 C to 230 C. It is available in different Brass and stainless steel material.

Note: To get the complete kit of the Drain Breather Plug or any assistance, contact us today.

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