We Breather Plug Manufacturer in India introduce Tank Breather Adapter used for connecting breather to any equipment and prevent oil debarred from the equipment. Our Tank Breather Adapter are completely fabricated using stainless steel to offer seamless joins and to prevent internal threaded connections which can cause oil leakage or air leakage as well as trap contaminants.

The Tank Breather Adapter is specially designed to prevent oil expelled from the equipment. The air is breathed through breather into the tank and in the next moment air is breathed out of the tank which enters in adapter and passes outside of it, without passing back through the breather. This way Tank Breather Adapter can protect the breather from oil contamination. Our Tank Filler Adapter is available for tank breather as well as filler caps.

Tank Breather Adopter, Suction Strainer in Usa

Note: To get the complete kit of the Tank Breather Adapter or any assistance, contact us today.

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