We Suction Strainer Manufacturer in India introduce Sump Strainer, which resembles to the plastic nut strainer and aluminum strainer used to protect hydraulic pumps and Control system from the strewn solid impurities such as algae, sand, dirt, debris, zebra mussels, and machine cutting chips. Sump Strainer is embedded with automatic angled, hand wheel and inline flow. You can see water flow and collected material if using a plastic sump whereas interior or exterior flow permits collection of particles in transparent sumps or removable basket.

Sump Strainer is available in simplex and duplex both models. Both are embedded with mounting brackets and available in ½ to 34 inch. The basket is interchangeable when it is a matter of broad range particle separation.

Note: To get the complete kit of the Sump Strainer or any assistance, contact us today.

Sump Strainer
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