We Oil Level Indicator Manufacturer in India introduce Oil Sight Glass to facilitate high quality configuration of your various measuring equipments. We offer Oil Sight Glass embedded with a spring loaded drain valve in which Sight glass enables visual inspection of clarity, sediment, color and water contamination where as the drain valve enables draining of any accumulate water. Oil Sight Glass either installed directly to a drain port located at the bottom of the reservoir pump, gear box, and bearing housing or installed to the drain ports located at the side of the equipment.

Oil Sight Glass available in brass and acrylic material has a high temperature and pressure persistency, so as is best choice to operate it in any environment. We offer two types of Oil Sight Glass columnar sight glass and bull’s eye sight glass, both columnar sight glass and bull’s eye sight glass made of transparent material such as glass, plastic or acrylic but both have different application style. Columnar sight glasses are embedded to an oil bathed component at the drain port, whereas bull’s eye sight glass threaded into a port where the oil level need to maintain.

Note: To get the complete kit of the Oil Sight Glass or any assistance, contact us today.

Oil Sight Glass
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